Goodman, Shirley

An African American couple posed in a studio photograph in semi-formal attire

Shirley Goodman was half of the R&B duo Shirley & Lee in the 1950s, alongside Leonard Lee. Goodman and Lee were both raised in New Orleans, and as teenagers, they conviced Cosimo Matassa to record a demo record for them at his studio. They landed at Aladdin Records and were initially they were billed as “the Sweethearts of the Blues.”

Green, Joyce

Joyce Green’s only surviving recording, “Black Cadillac” b/w “Tomorrow,” is a cult hit among modern-day rockabilly fans. The song, attributed to Green on the label, depicts a jilted lover fantasizing about murdering her lover with a pistol and putting him in a “black cadillac.” Secondary sources indicate that Green was from Alabama and was born in 1940.

Gunter, Shirley

Shirley Gunter is often credited with helping to jumpstart the popularity of R&B girl groups in the 1950s. Gunter grew up in a musical family, singing and writing music with her mother and her brother Cornell (who went on to become a member of the Coasters).

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