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Beverly Ross Interview_part 1.mp3
Excerpts from a phone interview conducted with Beverly Ross on 23 October 2018. Lightly edited due to poor audio quality. Beverly's partner Ferris Butler can also be heard at a few moments. Part 1: First efforts at songwriting and learning rock &…

Wanda Jackson Interview.mp4
This brief interview was recorded with Wanda Jackson at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on 21 July 2018 after she performed there. Jackson talks about learning from Elvis, switching to rock and roll from country, and being chaperoned by her father.

Linda Gail Lewis Interview_part 1.mp3
Excerpts from a phone interview conducted with Linda Gail Lewis on January 13, 2019.
Part 1: On what the Lewis family listened to at home and genre
Part 2: On learning and playing the piano
Part 3: Recording and touring from the 1960s to today,…

Dodie Stevens Interview.mp3
An excerpt of a phone interview with singer, songwriter, and actressDodie Stevens recorded on 28 October 2018. Stevens reflects on her very early start in music, the stardom brought by her #1 hit "Pink Shoelaces," her work in movies alongside other…

Laura Lee Perkins Interview.mp3
An interview conducted by phone with Laura Lee Perkins on 11 January 2011. Perkins talks about moving from a coal mining town in West Virginia to northeast Ohio, where she was a discovered by DJ Jeff Baxter and encouraged to record rock and roll. She…

Rosie Flores Interview.mp3
Singer, songwriter, and producer Rosie Flores talks about discovering and working with rockabilly singer Janis Martin. (Martin started her career as "the Female Elvis" on RCA in the 1950s). Flores produced Martin's first, and last, full-length album…

Kay Wheeler Interview.pdf
This interview with dancer Kay Wheeler was conducted on 28 February 2012 by email. Wheeler was active as a rock and roll dancer in the 1950s. She toured and starred in the film "Rock, Baby, Rock It" (1957). She calls her dance style the Rocknbop. In…

Sparkle Moore Interview.pdf
This interview with rockabilly / rock and roll musician Sparkle Moore was conducted by email on 28 February 2012. Moore describes her influences, her early performing experiences, and her approach to fashion on stage.
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