Hamlin, Rosalie “Rosie” Méndez

A young woman with long dark hair wearing a headband

Rosie Hamlin was born in Oregon and grew up in Alaska and California. She loved music from early childhood, when her father would accompany her singing with his guitar. She recalled in the “autobiography” section of her website that both her father and grandfather had a “vaudeville type background,” which in turn influenced her. “I can remember being 4 or 5 years old,” she writes, “standing on an old box in the yard pretending it was a stage.” It did not take her long to find a real stage to occupy.

Holcomb, Patsy

Patsy Holcomb recorded one fully-produced single, “I Wanna Rock” backed with “Ooh! That’s Good,” and a few demos at Sun Records. Her work was never released by the label.

Hughes, Carol

Newspaper photograph of a young white woman with a short bob haircut

Carol Hughes signed with Roulette Records in July 1957 when she was about fourteen years old, placing her on the same roster as fellow teen rock and roller Frankie Lymon. She cut several sides, all of which were teen-oriented. Her version of “Lend Me Your Comb” came out close on the heels of Carl Perkins’s (Roulette actually publicized hers as “the Original.”) She also appeared on several television shows, including the Arthur Murray Dance Party.

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