Daret, Darla

Darla Daret (later Darla Daret Stevens) of Los Angeles was a singer with Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. As a solo performer, however, she began recording rock and roll and teen-oriented pop—including songs she wrote herself. Several of her sides for Swan Records in 1959 are under the pseudonym “Patty Saturday.”

Billboard reported that “Miss Saturday bows on wax with an excellent side [“Ladies Choice”] for jocks who run hops. It’s very much in the teen groove, and spins should win approval from the kids. Tune is a rocker with a Latin touch.”

Darla Daret With Johnny Mann Orchestra, “Don’t Cha Wanna” / “Honey, Honey.” Silver 2001 (1957).

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Patty Saturday, “Walking In The Sand” / “As I Love You.” Swan 4035 (1959).

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