Burnette, Linda

Linda Burnette has only one known record: “Rattle Bones Rock,” backed with “My Old Model T,” on the Perry label out of Port Clinton, Ohio. Burnette, also a resident of north central Ohio, is credited as the songwriter of “Rattle Bones Rock.”

Perry Records, a tiny indie operation, actively courted the teen market with sock hops showcasing the label’s wares in 1961 (likely the year this record was released). The backing band on “Rattle Bones Rock” is Robby & the Ramblers, a group that eventually moved from playing bars in Ohio to the New York area, where they appeared at the famed Peppermint Lounge in New York City. Burnette collaborated with the band only for a short time.

“Rattle Bones Rock,” a 12-bar blues, still gets spun by rockabilly aficionados and occasionally turns up on compilation albums. “My Old Model T,” also R&B-inspired, was co-written by Perry Records owner Howard L. Lafer.

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